About me


I have 20 years industry experience at Cartoon Saloon

where I'm currently Assistant Director on Nora Twomey's upcoming feature film "My Father's Dragon".


Recently I co-directed 52 episodes of the TV-show "Dorg Van Dango", with Matt Ferguson, 

and the Greenpeace short film "There's a monster in my kitchen" with Tomm Moore.  

I was Animation Director on Cartoon Saloon's Academy Award nominated feature films

"The Breadwinner", "Song Of The Sea", and "The Secret Of Kells".

Throughout the years I have worked on a wide range of Saloon feature films and TV-shows,

short films and commercials, across several areas of pre-production and main production: 

From scripts edits to storyboards to figurative departments such as character design, posing, animation, 

up to post production with sign-off on final edits including sound mix and final picture.

As an extension of my work, I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with students.

In 2021 I was awarded the Irish Animation Award for 'Best Director of an animated series'

for Dorg Van Dango.

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