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                                                               Here are some of the notable projects I have worked on over the years:





    Assistant Director

I worked as Assistant Director on this feature, across departments such as character animation, character posing, character design, clean animation, quality control and continuity across related departments.

Tasks also include briefing the crew at kick-offs, reviewing and critiquing scenes together with the supervisors, tests and hiring, and liaising between departments overall in order to ensure continuity. 
















 There's a Monster

In My Kitchen 




I co-directed this short film for Greenpeace with Tomm Moore. Art Direction by Maria Pareja, storyboard by Iker Maidagan, written by James Sellick in collaboration with agency Mother London.

I co-directed across different departments on this short, reviewing and critiquing art direction, posing, animation, clean-up, compositing, and post production.




Annie Award winner 2021 -  'Best Sponsored Animated Production'

Irish Animation Award nominee

- Best Short film 2021


Watch it here on YouTube:






















I co-directed 52 episodes by 11 mins, with Matt Ferguson from Wild Brain studio. 

In-house I directed the Saloon departments such as Character design, location design, inhouse animatics with supervisor Ben Tomczyk-Bowen; animatic edits with editor CianMcGarrigle;

reviewed and critiqued script drafts per episode with story editor Nick V. Murphy.

Post production tasks

included music briefs for composer Leo Pearson; 

sound design mix sign-off at Gorilla Post;

and online edit.

I co-created this show with fellow Salooner Nora Twomey.


Best Director of an animated series 2021 - Winner, Irish Animation Awards

Best Music - Winner

Best Program (Leo Awards) - Nominee

Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence - Nominee

Best writing x 2 - Nominee

Irish Animation Awards

Best Performance, Actra Awards




Animation Director

+ Posing supervisor

I supervised the 'Real world' animation, overseeing the in-house character animation team, and overseeing the consistency of the rough animation across the two studios. Leading up to this I supervised the posing team responsible for key animation reference.
I contributed to 
pre-production development, including character animation tests.






Academy Award nominee

Best Indy Feature Film, 2018

Emile Award 2018, Winner -

Best Character Animation in a 

European Feature Film

character animator, director, co-director, animation supervisor, character design, editing, Animation Director at Cartoon Saloon



 Assistant Director  

Animation & Posing

I supervised the in-house team of character animators at Cartoon Saloon, and oversaw the quality of the animation across the two studios.

I supervised the Character Posing Department

as well as overseeing the quality control of the clean animation.


At the pre-production stage I contributed character animation tests to inform the character modelsheets.




Academy Award Nominee 2014

European Feature Film of the year 2014

character animator, director, co-director, animation supervisor, Co-creator of Dorg Van Dango, Co-director of Dorg Van Dango, character design, editing, Animation Director at Cartoon Saloon




Animation supervisor

I supervised the overseas team of character animators

and was part of the in-house character posing team responsible for keying out the animation scenes.

I also helped develop the animation style through extensive animation tests and posing reference.


Five years prior to
production I was part of the team that produced the original trailer titled "Rebel".



Academy Award Nominee 2010

Annecy Audience Award 2010


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