About me


I have over 20 years industry experience at Cartoon Saloon

where I currently work as Assistant Director on Nora Twomey's upcoming feature film "My Father's Dragon".


Recently I co-directed 52 episodes of the Nickelodeon TV-show "Dorg Van Dango", with Matt Ferguson at WildBrain, and the Greenpeace film "There's a monster in my kitchen" together with Tomm Moore.  

I was Animation Director on Cartoon Saloon's Academy Award nominated feature films

"The Breadwinner", "Song Of The Sea", and "The Secret Of Kells".

Throughout the years I have worked on a wide range of Saloon projects from feature films

to TV-shows, short films, or commercials.

I usually supervise across several areas of production such as animatics, model sheets,

rough animation, character posing, clean animation, etc, and liaising between departments.

I have also worked extensively in pre-production and development, from concept bibles to writers' tables,

critiquing script drafts, director's pass animatic edits, across production, and up to post production,

involving sound design mix, music briefs, and final online picture sign-off. 

As an extension of my work, I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with students, 

having taught specific animation modules at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

In 2021 I was awarded the Irish Animation Award for 'Best Director of an animated series' for Dorg Van Dango.

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