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  About me


I have over 20 years industry experience at Cartoon Saloon

where I recently served as Assistant Director on Nora Twomey's feature film My Father's Dragon.

I co-directed 52 episodes of the TV-show Dorg Van Dango

and the Greenpeace short film There's a monster in my kitchen, alongside Tomm Moore.  

Prior to that I was Animation Director on Cartoon Saloon's Academy Award nominated feature films

Song Of The Sea  and  The Breadwinner, and Animation Supervisor on The Secret Of Kells.

Currently I am co-directing the upcoming TV-show Silly Sundays with Nuria González Blanco.

I love being involved in the thick of production - from writers tables and script reviews to storyboards and animatics to reviewing Character Design, model sheets, Layout, locations, to briefing and reviewing Posing and Character Animation, and to Compositing where all the strands come together.

I relish the bigger picture as well as the small reviews, seeing a project through across pre-production and production, all the way to post production, with sign-off on sound mix and final picture.

As an extension of my work, I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with students.

In 2021 I was awarded the Irish Animation Award for 'Best Director of an animated series'

for Dorg Van Dango.

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